All Time Top 4 virals (for the month of May 2009) ~ A day in the life of an online entrepreneur
May 12

Gaboli launched in November 08 with Ashok, Tarun and of course our good friend Dushyant (Who’s been kindly putting up with all the indecision that goes hand in hand with any startup)

What does Gaboli mean? (Yeah right.. like I’d tell you that easily!)

So we fight on the usual stuff - product vs service, volume vs premium, kingfisher vs heiniken… but here’s what we’re pretty sorted on -

  1. Gaboli creates and manages social networks.
  2. Our first vertical is education. Our unique ’OneSchool’ platform allows for any institution’s students, faculty, alumni, admin, recruiters etc to connect real time in a virtual community.
  3. Research driven product development and consultative rollouts for user adoption set us apart from the ‘dime a dozen’ web developers
  4. We provide services on online marketing - SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, virals, widget distribution etc etc.

We’re already working with 3 top notch customers and on track for kick starting our hi-technology roadmap.

If none of the above makes any sense, I’ll say what I usually say when my neighbours and relatives ask, “We make websites, but cooler than the other guys”

Jai Ho!

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