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May 01

Inspired by the Vodafone ‘Internet is Fun’ campaign, I realised I hadn’t written about my meandering on the web for a while. You can see some of my previous posts here. (Even one about the Vodafone zoozoos)

Before that, on a serious note, its been over 5 years that I’ve been working in the internet business and I’m reminded of the statement from the Cluetrain Manifesto that has remained as inspiring and relevant as it was 5 years ago.

“Hypertext is inherently nonhierarchical and antibureaucratic. It does not reinforce loyalty and obedience; it encourages idle speculation and loose talk. It encourages stories.”

So here are some highlights of my browsing from the last few days.

- You can always expect something fun from Ryan Germick, who’s a doodler in Google. (I know! what a cool job!). Last week, he posted about the Zerg Rush game from Google. Just type in zerg rush in Google and your screen will be attacked by flying O’s. Each O needs to be clicked on 3 times to destroy it. Remember to scroll down to save your world.

- I love Digitalbuzzblog. Here was a recent post about an ING promotion at basketball events. Passers by could use their smartphone to simulate a basketball free throw on a giant digital billboard screen. Check out the video here

- I’ve also recently started following Kevin Kelly. He’s been a TED speaker and is a technology philosopher. Often he does a curation of sourced quotes. See version 14 here. He’s due to come to India early May … I wonder how we can catch hold of him. Any ideas?

-  My friend and business partner in IDfy, Hatim came up with this useful site - - check for your city and Ahmedabad for sure!

- For those who love to hate maths (like me) - you’re bound to relate to this one.

- Finally, XKCD never fails to amuse. I love their cartoons. How about this one and then keep hitting the random button for more…

‘Internet is Fun’ is an understatement. Looks like its always going to be superfun!

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