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News Releases l DFW International Airport

Senate Aviation subcommittee hearing on the Wright Amendment today, DFW International Airport and its supporters have made the following statements. Senate Aviation subcommittee for its thoughtful consideration and for the tremendous majority support of the North Texas Congressional delegation.

We think today testimony was compelling and highlighted the real issues in this debate. And Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher said it best under oath several years ago, and his words still ring true: to have to agree as a matter of logic and principle that if you allowed Love Field to come up as a full fledged hub in opposition to DFW Airport that indeed air service to the metroplex would suffer.

The industry economics that Mr. Kelleher describes are still valid today. And Southwest Airlines has the ability right now to fly anywhere it wants from North Texas without any change in legislation. DFW will continue to urge Southwest to begin long haul service from our airport and take advantage of our free rent and multi million dollar incentive package. It is the right thing to do for the North Texas economy, air travelers, and our communities.

Kelleher Quote: Deposition of Mr. Herb Kelleher in Zamutt v. District Court of California, October 8, 1990 Kevin Cox, Chief Operating Officer Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

We ask all to remember that it was the federal government which directed Fort Worth and Dallas, in the mid 1960s, to close their airports and create DFW International Airport. As a result, Fort Worth closed its airport while Love Field remained open. In Fort Worth, we believe in a handshake a deal is a deal. Fort Worth has never once wavered from this agreement. This hearing shouldn be about the Wright Amendment. It should be about why parties to the original deal now want to undo it. This panel should understand that the much maligned and misunderstood Wright Amendment came about in response to the efforts to undo the original DFW agreement, not for any other reason.

Mayor Mike Moncrief City of Fort Worth

The DFW International Airport Board top priorities are airline competition and giving North Texas residents more options for travel. Our airport is already home to six lowfare carriers which are setting passenger records and adding new flights on a regular basis. Southwest Airlines can effectively operate and profit at DFW and offer the competition they like to talk about. Today hearing made it clear that sound public policy should not favor one company or airline but should be for the good of all. DFW was built by the cities of Fort Worth and Dallas at the request of the federal government to operate one major airport for the benefit of all our citizens. Rest assured this Board is dedicated to doing what is best for the common good.

Jeff Wentworth, Chairman Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Board

North Texas Business and Community Leaders

We have always felt that the more facts and true information a person has, the more inclined they are to support retention of the Wright amendment. Hopefully, members of the U S. Senate and their staffs were able to glean the factual negative impacts of repeal brought out in the hearing.

Dan S. Petty, President and CEO North Texas Commission

Though the Senate hearing focused on the testimony of Gerard Arpey and Herb Kelleher, the Wright Amendment debate is not about the future of American or Southwest Airlines. The important issues are how to instill more competition into the North Texas commercial aviation market and how to protect the huge investment made by the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth at DFW International Airport. The ideal solution would be to close Love Field to scheduled air service. Barring that, keeping the Wright Amendment in place is the best policy.

Bernard L. Weinstein, Director, Center for Economic Development and Research, University of North Texas (Denton)

The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce supports regional efforts which focus on uniting area communities and regional leadership to bring new and expanded air service to DFW International Airport ensuring the continued success of this vital, regional economic engine that generates more than $14 billion in annual economic activity for North Texas, supports more than 268,000 full time jobs, and serves as the principal catalyst for business and tourism growth for the region.

Any further changes to the 1979 legislative compromise, known as the Wright Amendment, would have a detrimental effect upon DFW International Airport.

The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce supports the continuance of the Wright Amendment and urges the pursuit of efforts to keep the Wright Amendment as currently enacted. It allowed Dallas Love Field to stay open when it was supposed to be closed and gave Southwest Airlines a safe harbor where it now enjoys a 97 percent passenger monopoly. The Wright Amendment has allowed Southwest Airlines to grow into the largest domestic carrier in the United States. So what does Southwest do in return? It discriminates against its own neighbors around Love Field and the larger population of North Texas. The airline does not tell the truth about its motives then tries to blackmail the City of Dallas by threatening to move its headquarters.

We should demand more honesty and integrity from Southwest.

Adelfa Callejo, Past Board Member Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

It clear after the hearings that this debate is not about airlines, but about how two cities came to agreement about how to handle their air service and all the airlines agreed to it. Tampering with the Wright Amendment jeopardizes the financial stability of DFW International Airport and could cause a financial meltdown in Fort Worth. The cities of Dallas and Fort Worth overcame a lot of animosity and distrust to cooperate and build DFW and it become the single most powerful economic force for this cheap jerseys region. And let not forget the federal government got the two cities together in the first place because it only wanted to fund one major airport. We have a world class facility that benefits millions Southwest Airlines simply wants to benefit itself. That was also made clear in the hearings.

Monte R. Elliott, Chairman Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ Commerce

The Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce (GDAACC) reiterates its stance on the Wright Amendment. The Wright Amendment was a comprehensive, thoughtful and fair compromise which if repealed would have a detrimental effect upon DFW Airport at this critical time when the aviation industry remains in economic uncertainty. By its own admission, Southwest Airlines can profitably provide long haul interstate service at DFW Airport, while retaining its short haul service at Love Field. Instead of a prolonged distraction to combat efforts against repealing the Wright Amendment, DFW Airport should be allowed to focus on securing expanded and new air service options for North Texas travelers. GDAACC is committed to working with the regional leadership in enabling DFW Airport to remain the economic engine of the region.

Dr. Anant Jain, Past Chairman The Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Southwest Airlines talks about lower fares, but they need to understand that today we have educated consumers who are using technology to their advantage. Cheap Tickets, Expedia, and Travelocity). DFW Airport is an economic engine in North Texas that provides many opportunities for minority and women owned business, as well as for workforce opportunities. Southwest Airlines is not a member of our chamber and my question would be what chambers in the North Texas area do they work with. Southwest Airlines should more closely evaluate the negative impact that repealing the Wright Amendment would have across North Texas.

Dan Villegas, Chairman Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The African Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support DFW International Airport effort in promoting progress, prosperity and economic development in the Metroplex. DFW International Airport is a very vital part to the success of many of our citizen businesses in the United States. We have over 141,000 Africans that live in the Metroplex and about 1,000 of them travel to Africa on a weekly basis. Over 48 Ambassadors and Ministers have visited the DFW Metroplex area through our Chamber for the past six years. For the continuation of revamping Texas economy, and the attraction of more businesses and tourism, we should leave the Wright Amendment where it is now. If something is not broken, why should we try to fix it. Southwest should take the opportunity DFW proposed to them. “As a family, we stand to gain forever but, divided as strangers we are bound to lose a lot”. D/FW we are all behind you all the way.

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News Culture in The North Bay According to the recently released feasibility study for establishing community choice aggregation in Sonoma County public power program presented to the board of supervisors on Oct. 18 under the name Sonoma Clean Power energy will come at a cost, about $4 to $10 added to the average consumer’s monthly bill. NMD Adidas Dames But Paul Fenn thinks otherwise. Fenn, a widely respected energy consultant who wrote the 2002 California law that enables cities and counties to aggregate ratepayers, purchase energy on the open market and develop their own sources of local power, says the goals of green power and lower rates are not at odds. In fact, says Fenn, the faster the county moves toward local green energy production and retooling its buildings and infrastructure, the faster bills will drop. mochilas fjallraven kanken baratas study’s methods. “Community choice aggregation [CCA] is a new structure. It’s not a private utility. It’s not deregulation. It’s not a municipal utility.” Dalessi Management Consulting, the company contracted to conduct the study for the Sonoma County Water Agency, came to its conclusions using a model that “excluded demand side technologies from their portfolio design,” says Fenn. Nike Air Max Sko “It’s so harmful to the current economics of the model if you do that. It’s sort of like picking the cheapest item out of your grocery bag so that the average cost of everything remaining goes up tremendously. nike air max 2017 heren grijs Efficiency, broadly defined, is the radical economic opportunity in energy. ray ban pas cher If you exclude it, it makes localization and CCA look expensive.” Even so, Fenn says he is pleased with the reception CCA has gotten in Sonoma County. Indeed, the board of supervisors enthusiastically embraced the cheap jerseys study’s findings. Some board members and water agency staff also seem aware that green energy and cheaper bills are not mutually exclusive. Tucked into the preface of the feasibility study is a note to further investigate the exact point Fenn is making. The report tasks stakeholders with determining “whether varying the mix of power resources could reduce CCA power costs, while still providing greenhouse gas reduction benefits” and “whether the addition of a significant energy efficiency component could result in a decrease in the estimated CCA http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ program rates.” Fenn and his colleagues at Local Power Inc. have been helping to establish community choice aggregation programs for over a decade. nike air max 90 pas cher Experts at Local Power Inc. have also contributed to Sonoma County’s push to establish a CCA. Although MEA has provided a greener mix to consumers, its average bills are slightly higher than PG What went wrong? Charles Schwartz, a colleague of Fenn’s at Local Power Inc., says the biggest problem is MEA’s reliance on purchasing green power on the open market through Shell Energy North America, a subsidiary of the oil giant. According to Schwartz, MEA failed to localize energy production, choosing instead to buy green electricity from distant power plants. chaussures nike pas cher Fenn says it’s a matter of renting vs. owning. “Green power on the wholesale market is sold at a premium. If you’re going to go out on the market and buy power from a plant that somebody else owns, you’re going to have to pay for the renewable energy credits.” The extra costs derive partly from the companies that own the landfill gas, wind and solar plants exporting energy to Marin from the interior of California and to the middleman, Shell. “Sonoma, to its credit, is focusing on building resources,” explains Fenn. “We worked pretty hard getting that to the center of the table, rather than this ‘rent first and own later’ approach,” explains Fenn. Matthew Stafford Jerseys When Sonoma County’s CCA finally rolls out, Fenn and others think rates will be lower than the feasibility study estimates, largely because the county’s leaders, business community and activists are committed to a vibrant, local green model. “If they had just scoped the model the way we scoped it,” says Fenn of the study, “you don’t have to come out saying there’s a premium. You don’t have to give the argument to PG that this is going to raise your rates.”.

Jun 20

I was invited by Moneycontrol.com to participate in their ‘Letters to the Finance Minister’ series as part of the run up to budget 2013. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren zwart The letter is here but you can see the original here. nike air max 2017 pas cher

Dear Mr Finance Minister, I am writing to you as an Internet entrepreneur in India. Nike Air Max 2017 Femme Fjallraven Kanken Big Like many others, I too returned from the UK to participate in this buzzing entrepreneurship economy. In India, ideas for start-ups are dime a dozen; the real challenge is implementing them. Under Armour Curry 6 We are in dire need of the government easing the regulatory overhead for start-ups. Make It Easier A typical businessman in India has to pay income tax, service tax, value-added tax, excise duty, shops and establishments’ tax, professional tax and also participate in employer provident funds and employee state insurance schemes. Asics authentique nike air max 2016 goedkoop Each tax is managed by different departments and involves various compliance activities including monthly payments, quarterly returns and annual returns. Each state has different rules with different forms, which change on a regular basis. With Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing trends, traditional definitions of VAT and Service Tax do not apply. Nike Air Max 2017 Most IT companies are now charging both goods tax and service tax simply to ensure compliance. First, I request you to rapidly roll out the unified GST to simplify taxation. adidas 2017 pas cher Maglie New York Knicks Second, I request clarity on taxation for tech companies with respect to VAT versus service tax. Working capital schemes don’t work Payment collections are the bane of every small business in India. India’s domestic clients have higher debtor days and higher bad debt ratios. nike pas cher Air Jordan 6 Retro Young companies need support to weather the storms. The government has great schemes like CGTMSE (Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises). under armour pas cher Greyson Lambert UGA Jersey Banks are also supposed to provide SME credit of upto Rs 5 lakh without demanding any collateral. nike air max 1 ultra moire femme Nike Air Max 2017 Heren But these banks are very hesitant to offer these schemes and they almost never offer them to IT start-ups due to lack of stock/inventory. My third request, Mr Finance Minister, is to strengthen working capital schemes Prepare kids for the marketplace The mainstream higher education curriculum is a complete mismatch for the industry’s requirements. Fjallraven Kanken Mini Students have to take up additional corporate training programmes to ensure employment.

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The only thing likely to stop Montebello would be a judge’s order, which would be triggered by a lawsuit, he said. “This process is kind of under the radar and until someone gets a court of appeals opinion or the Attorney General’s office intervenes they’re going to keep doing it,” Sutton said. “It’s a problem.” To form a redevelopment area, cities must make a finding of blight.

With the purpose built Pollock Halls of Residence for the University of Edinburgh, many students choose to stay in this area for the rest of their university years. With the main campuses in close proximity to Newington and an array of student friendly bars and restaurants, this area makes for a good property investment. Its leafy streets, grand architecture and array of imposing period properties make it one of the most desirable addresses with the equally appealing Morningside, Merchiston and Church Hill areas just a few minutes’ walk away.

Two of their members were elected to council in 1970. But in 1972, when Campbell finally stepped down, TEAM led by Art Phillips running for the mayor’s spot, took the majority ending more than three decades of NPA rule, its first break in power wholesale jerseys china since its founding. Phillips’ first official act was to fire Sutton Brown..

Screen size can be important. The standard laptop screen size is 15.4″, but sizes that range from 10.4″ to 17.1″ are commonly available. Larger screens are out there but they are incredibly expensive and are not what a bargain shopper would ever be looking for.

Still, it’s not just chefs who nerd out about the first pea tendrils or fiddlehead ferns. Increasingly, diners do, too, especially now that food blogs broadcast the first sighting of ramps and publish round ups of where to find the first shad roe. “As soon as the first ramp pops out of the ground, somebody’s got it and they’re taking photos and sending it around,” says chef and restaurateur Bryan Voltaggio, who owns and operates Volt, Range, Family Meal, and others.

The stocks of good companies are trading at prices not seen in years. Dividend yields are at astonishingly high levels. It’s time. Just the name sounds like a thousand bucks. The AirBoss is modeled on a vintage pilot watch, and is quite large at 45mm, which may not be for everyone. It even has a distinctive exhibition style, transparent case back so you can show it off.

When you first spot Panda Dumpling House (107 Hester Street, at the corner of Eldridge, 212 625 1115), it looks like the usual fried dumpling cheap jerseys from china stall the street has become famous for that it occupies a windowed corner storefront that could be called luxurious by Eldridge standards. Don worry can still get pork pot stickers there, retro priced at five for a dollar. But the steamed dumplings (eight for $2) are better, mixing pork with either bok choy or scallions, especially when dipped in the dark soy vinegar available from plastic squirt bottles.

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I had the opportunity to attend a CMO event for Octane’s 2012 eMarketing report launch. Other than a good networking opportunity, it was a source of great insight. Annurag Batra of exchange4media fame was part of the panel and one of his insights stood out strong in my mind.

” The CMO and CTO are not spending enough time together. Air Jordan 3 Uomo Instead, the CMO’s are spending too much time with the media fraternity”

You can also catch his views on trends for 2013 at India Marketing Review. chaussures adidas In a separate conversation with digital manager for a fast moving healthcare company, she said,

“With people getting used to Tata Sky +, the ads are not working as before. Todd Gurley UGA Jersey So there’s no choice but for brands to move towards digital”

This is the genesis of Digital Digital. In our work with Fortune 500 companies and with startups, we have realised that the ability of a brand to differentiate in marketing is becoming heavily tech dependent. Asics Gel lyte 3 Pas Cher Tech here means data and granular analytics. nike air max 2016 wit It means mobile and the possibilites of augmented reality that comes with it. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren zwart It means responsive design to adapt to multiple browsers, devices and environments. Nike Air Max TN Homme It means email vs. SMS. It means video and viral and viral videos. It means content. Lots of it. And understanding how the search engines get through to that content. It’s about gesture recognition a la minority report. Scarpe Kobe 11 It means user experience testing Digital Digital is an attempt to provide that bridge between the CMO and CTO. air max pas cher It’s a resource platform for tech trends for marketing. Nike air max 90 pas cher It’s a platform to showcase demo’s and prototypes. Thanks for the articulation Annurag.

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fort sask’s recreation master plan

This can work for large organizations that have the manpower to control their cloud environment. But, for smaller shops, 24/7 cloud support may be a constant need. 2. Subjective what may be regarded as a strength or a threat to someone (Person A), may be negligible to someone else (Person b), or perhaps even a polarised view of it being a weakness or opportunity (Person C) hence varying magnitudes of what particular strengths and threats are etc.

Place the pork on a cutting board and get a sharp knife. Slice it twice to open so you have a lot http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com/ of space to work with. Is fun and it is cheap to see an amazing show and they have some amazing performers, she said. A place to go and let your imagination run wild.

Free parking at the front and back of the building. Located at 734 Montreal St. So, now how do we run this thing? Hydro would not give us a temporary permit, because we did not have a house or pole or even a hole dug yet, so off we went in search of a generator. Watching our money, we found a beat up battered thing from an old constructions site for a few bucks, and I know why! You needed earplugs when it was going.

And with their three bedroom Cape Cod Cottage that sleeps up to eight guests and comprises three bathrooms (no queues in the morning!), kitchen and private backyard, families can stretch out without hassle. Facilities include indoor and outdoor pools, a gourmet restaurant and complimentary wi fi..

The movie producers are also encouraging this trend of syndicating model following the footsteps of western studios. Amrita Pandey, vice president, international distribution and syndication, UTV Motion Pictures, says, “Keeping the movie rights with us for longer duration is more viable as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is important.

Most of the trucks we ship are or 2000s. Funds when they sell the trucks.. Shoes, bottoms and shirts run about $5 each for both men and women in a range of sizes. The cheap jerseys used book collection and costume jewelry are also worth digging through.. Add the numbers together. If there are ten thousand or more searches per month for an item, this indicates a healthy market.

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fort wayne is for the young

At cable networks, there are 160 new shows planned, compared with 109 last year. The economics of reality shows benefit cheap jerseys from cost saving “trade outs” from sponsors, including helicopter rides, air travel and dinners at fancy restaurants. 5. Buy in bulk.

“While we have heard from the town leaders regarding their preference for Fiber Connect or Frontier, it was unclear from the town’s communication if a formal http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com/ vote was taken by the selectboard on the Charter proposal, or if a discussion of the financial impact of that proposal, which would have no cost to the town, was discussed with town residents,” Larkin said. “The MBI made repeated requests to the town, both via phone and email, but did not receive any feedback to those questions.”.

Spread salsa over top of quesadilla crust. Top with chicken, olives and green onion. In recent decades the remains of the brick power house, the actual shaft, and the pump house have disappeared. The shaft was closed and fencing was erected around the site for safety precautions.

Also the use of webcam allows to view the person whom you are talking to. It allows the user to get the message across effectively and clearly. Items available in the shop include yoga mats, gym bags and mala beads. Several times each month, the store itself becomes a hub for activity and wellness.

More >>Product Safety RecallsProduct Safety RecallsSearch the Recalls index to see whether a product you own has been recalled and read about the latest recalls. More >>Search the Recalls index to see whether a product you own has been recalled and read about the latest recalls.

The result is a blast of flavors and textures, a true sensual experience. 165 El Camino Real, Mountain View. Make no mistake, this laptop is a processing power house. It fully capable of video encoding/decoding thanks to it 2GHz AMD Phenom II N930 Quad core CPU.

It has changed our culture over a number of decades. And by the same token, the knowledge that experience is better than material goods at making us happy, giving us identity, giving us status, giving us meaning in our lives, is going to change the way people make decisions.

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fort smith lions club phone auction returns

Business is transitioning to A list customers looking for more of a boutique 3PL sell, he said. Freight on the phone every day and bidding on skids is not going to last here. How silly does this film get? More than expected. The movie carries those bits of meta silliness from Prometheus that are kind of groan inducing.

To answer him, there is such a thing known as zoning, when those stores opened up, they broke the law. The law througout the nation, especiall here in New York City since as way http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com/ back to the 60 You cant build whatever you want on the land, the city approves what can be built.

It is far easier to examine work processes and identify and fix problems early. The white paper points to privacy considerations concerning the use of data, particularly in relation to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Dixon has been on the waiting list for low income housing for more than a year, and isn optimistic that she will find permanent housing anytime soon. Adding to the uncertainty the Dixons face is many of the area motels increase their rates during tourism season, which could make even that too expensive for the family..

Put this on your calendar now: Thursday, Sept. In Schofield Auditorium. Diffell explained that students do not get money back for certain books at the end of the semester because the teachers have decided not to use that text again. The bookstore buys back each book for half of what they sold it for.

A great way to keep an eye on the little bastards, right? But for any kids who might want to skate in peace without getting sneered or glared at by small town cops on one of their many donut/coffee breaks? Well, if you’re going to look at it that way, this skatepark sucks. EH From Highway 30, take a right on First Street and another right on Columbia, Scappoose BEST PLACE TO save your crappy marriage Old Oregon Smokehouse Quandary: Let’s say you catch and bring home a prize winning 80 cheap nfl jerseys lb.

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former uga qb david greene ‘is a winner in life’

No wonder the fossil fuel industry lavishly funds global warming deniers and skeptics the funding is chump change in view of current http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com/ profits. At the same moment as they fund deniers and skeptics, oil companies now claim to support global warming science (see their websites), but minimize the risks of high levels of cumulative emissions.

Of the 2,895 unsheltered people counted across Santa Cruz County in a 2013 homeless census, the latest date such information is available, about 810 reported living in vehicles. Many cities in the county, however, restrict people from sleeping in what is effectively their home.

I want to feel like the boss. I want to come home to peace and tranquility. If home insulation and heating can improve health, then this strongly cheap jerseys suggests that better personal insulation should also improve health.To our knowledge, there are no studies of the health benefits of thermal clothing during winter. Thermal clothing protects people whether they are outside or inside, or in a heated or unheated room.

N. Daggett, George Whitehead and Robert Rice.. A cousin decided that all of the grandchildren should chip in for an expensive floral arrangement. I have always understood that flowers were sent to the grieving family. Those two incidents including the chocking death of Eric Garner by the hands of New York city police officers have put more pressure on law enforcement agencies to require officer to wear body cameras. Chief Felix Vess said his department has been using bodycams for four years.

Canadian consular officials cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet entry or exit requirements. The country or territory specific entry/exit requirements are provided on this page for information purposes only. There’s a rational and potentially achievable proposal to regulate the ownership of firearms: Mandate an instant computerized background check prior to the sale, purchase or exchange of any rifle or pistol. Legislators, with input from law enforcement officials, can establish parameters for owning firearms.

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formerly homeless grateful for new digs at 2219 lofts

Other than Doc Brown’s gloriously wild halo of hair, the first thing everyone thinks of when they hear the words “Back To The Future” is that sweet ass DeLorean, with its super cool vertical hatch doors and magical time travelling abilities. Sure, the hoverboard is cool enough, but it can’t hold a candle to that iconic car..

The other thing we learnt was to be stricter and tighter with reporting in terms of stock structure. We needed to know when our product http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com/ move out of the stockist into the retail, and from the retail out. A TEST IS BEING DONE TO PGENETICALLY MODIFY MOSQUITOES TO PFIGHT THE PDISEASE. PTESTING IS HAPPENING IN FLORIDA.

The other reason Dow stocks are doing well lately: They’re cheap by recent historical standards. The index’s trailing price to earnings ratio, a measure that shows investors how much they are paying for a dollar in earnings, is 14.7, well below the 18.1 it has averaged since 2003.

Unfortunately, a big flaw in Mr. Marts’ analysis is that student growth doesn’t happen evenly across the county. Each site has its own businesses sponsors. The Neal Kelly Company, known for sustainable remodeling and home energy efficiency, will be offering free home energy audits and solar assessments during the tour..

Protect yourself: Do you like migraines? Didn think so. So, if you shopping for a minivan, remember that opening a sliding door manually is considerably less stressful than motorized sliding door diagnosis, the associated cost of parts, and the labour to rip interior paneling out to access the cheap jerseys offending part.

I retired, it was something I wanted to do. It was in the back of my mind. Basa is the tilapia of this decade farmed on the river Mekong, it’s mild, inexpensive and multi purpose and usually inoffensive. Not sure what happened there.We got our galbi ssam style, meaning it was a DIY wrap affair.

Beginners and kids can practice paddling on the small pond at St. Patrick’s for $7 per hour. When he was nominated for a federal judgeship in 2006, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by voice vote in the Senate and there was not a single objection to an obviously qualified nominee. Though no one is expecting as smooth a ride for Gorsuch as President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, his qualifications are just as undeniable.

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