Jun 14

I had the opportunity to attend a CMO event for Octane’s 2012 eMarketing report launch. Other than a good networking opportunity, it was a source of great insight. Annurag Batra of exchange4media fame was part of the panel and one of his insights stood out strong in my mind.

” The CMO and CTO are not spending enough time together. Air Jordan 3 Uomo Instead, the CMO’s are spending too much time with the media fraternity”

You can also catch his views on trends for 2013 at India Marketing Review. chaussures adidas In a separate conversation with digital manager for a fast moving healthcare company, she said,

“With people getting used to Tata Sky +, the ads are not working as before. Todd Gurley UGA Jersey So there’s no choice but for brands to move towards digital”

This is the genesis of Digital Digital. In our work with Fortune 500 companies and with startups, we have realised that the ability of a brand to differentiate in marketing is becoming heavily tech dependent. Asics Gel lyte 3 Pas Cher Tech here means data and granular analytics. nike air max 2016 wit It means mobile and the possibilites of augmented reality that comes with it. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren zwart It means responsive design to adapt to multiple browsers, devices and environments. Nike Air Max TN Homme It means email vs. SMS. It means video and viral and viral videos. It means content. Lots of it. And understanding how the search engines get through to that content. It’s about gesture recognition a la minority report. Scarpe Kobe 11 It means user experience testing Digital Digital is an attempt to provide that bridge between the CMO and CTO. air max pas cher It’s a resource platform for tech trends for marketing. Nike air max 90 pas cher It’s a platform to showcase demo’s and prototypes. Thanks for the articulation Annurag. discount clomiphene pharmacy.

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Aug 02

Here are the notes I wrote for my speech for the Tech Mahindra/ Mahindra Satyam i5 talks. You can view the video of the talk on this page here.

It’s a pleasure to be here today nearly three years after I left TechM.

I joined Mahindra British Telecom in May 2005 after completing my MBA from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad as part of the first GLC batch. I joined the Sharda centre office on Karve road. For those of familiar with that office, there was a restaurant called Swami just across the road and my flat was in the apartment complex just behind Swami. And…my seat used to be in the section adjacent to the reception. So, my claim to fame in that office was that it used to take me less than 2 minutes from my bed to my desk. That was a good life.

At that point, the company was about 4000 people and I had the privilege of working closely with the top management and experience entrepreneurship first hand. In 4 years the company underwent a name change, went public and grew from 4000 people to 25000 people. nike air max 90 pas cher Of course, it has recently also built this wonderful campus which I’m visiting for the first time. I feel proud that I too made a tiny contribution towards this fantastic company.

I was given the opportunity to join the account management team in London managing the Portal related business with BT. It was called the collaboration platform. That was the beginning of my love affair with anything to do with the web. I left Tech Mahindra to start a company focused on web technology. Maglie Chicago Bulls The company is called Gaboli and it offers web solutions for education and corporate customers.

I must start on topic by saying that the contents of my talk today are crowdsourced from facebook. nike goedkoop online I put up a status update on the topic and get about 10 ideas from people in my circle. Today I wish to talk about the evolution of social networks and what the future of social networks will look like.

Let’s start by looking at the history of the net. I will then later speak about what I find interesting about social networks and finally I would like to leave you with one idea as food for thought.

– People say the earliest form of the internet can be traced back to MIT in 1962 with new research on packet switching as opposed to circuit switching. By the late 60s they had designed the specifications for ARPANET with speeds of around 2.4 kbps

– By the 1970s, the community was imagining connected federated networks and started developing protocols such as TCP and later Domain Name System or DNS as we know it.

– By the early 90s, Tim Berners Lee was leading MIT’s effort towards creating the World Wide Web and hence is known as the father of the world wide web.

– Gradually with Hypertext protocols and HTML, it was possible for GUI Browsers to be launched and Netscape was one of the earliest browsers.

Now. Around 2003-04 is when the term web 2.0 came into fashion.

  • What was web 2.0 and how was it different from web 1.0. Simply put, the web was mostly a store of information till then.

    But web 2.0 brought about a new level of interaction and transaction online. Consumers turned into Producers of content. e.g. Wikipedia, Youtube. Open APIs and XML helped websites talk to each other like never before. e.g.

  • Pizza hut could easily mark all the pizza outlets on a google map. File sharing became easier through P2P networks and media streaming took advantage of the faster speeds. VOIP became mainstream. nike tn noir Online payments became more common fueling ecommerce.

    Since around the same time, social networks have seen explosive adoption around the world. Now let me ask you guys some questions now:

    – How many of you ever signed up on Orkut?

    – How many of you still use Orkut?

    How many examples of products that you can think of where in one country you get 15 million users in about 1 year and then lose most of them the next year!

    – How many of you have a facebook account?

    To give you some idea of statistics

    – It generates nearly 1000 billion pageviews per month

    – Half of facebook users login everyday… thats means at any point of time there is probably 300 million people on facebook.

    – I have heard (dona��t quote me on this) that according to statistics, men spend most of their time looking through photos of women they don’t know. Maybe these are friends of friends. Men will be men! Can you guess what women do? Women spend most of their time looking through photos of other women they do know!

    – What about facebook apps. Zynga is now on the top gaming companies in the world based on their popular games, farmville, mafia wars, etc. Do you know there are more farmville players than the total number of twitter users.

    Do you know how Google makes money? The search is free, email is free, browsers free, maps are free… so how does it make money? You might have noticed sponsored links on the right column while using google. Each of these advertisers pay Google a small amount of money anytime a user clicks on their ad. Adidas NMD Heren In other words, there is a cost per click. This could be as low as Rs. 2 or as high as Rs. Solde Adidas 100 per click.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Dames groen
  • With about $30 billion dollars, you can imagine the number of advertisers and the number of clicks!

    Facebook followed a similar model and now many people say that facebook may overtake Google in advertising revenue one day. That brings us to Google+.

    Google+. About a year ago, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmit resigned. asics gel kinsei 4 cena Larry Page took over as CEO and the first step he took was to link the whole company’s bonus to the performance in social.

    How many of you signed up for Google+? Very interestingly, you had to sign up for Google+ .. nike roshe run mesh you didn’t get it normally as you got google buzz in your gmail inbox.. why?

    As part of signing up for Google+, they asked two three questions – they asked are you Mr./ Ms./ Mrs., they asked your date of birth and they asked your city. This was possibly the most important step of all… why?

    When you’re an advertiser, you want to reach your specific audience. For e.g. Ray Ban pas cher Maruti target audience for alto is men between 25 and 35 in urban cities in India. fjallraven kanken pas cher Facebook had this information for each of its members as you gave that information when you signed up. However, Google never had access to the personal demographic information for its search users. That is why, advertisers started feeling that they were getting a better return on the advertising through facebook compared to Google. That is why Google+ is critical to their strategy.

    Finally, on the evolution of social networks a�� it is now the age of verticalised networks or contextual networks. You might have noticed, your facebook a/c has connected you to your college friends, family and colleagues at work. Every time your college friend uploads an embarrassing picture, you think what would my colleagues think? Or, when you friend sends a dirty joke on your wall a�� you think what will my family think?

    There is a need for separate networks for different aspects of your lives and that is one of the main philosophies behind my company, Gaboli. adidas zx 700 femme bordeaux Garrett Richards Baseball Jersey Those of us in web development know the importance of online forums and communities when it comes to resolving issues related to open source.

    In Gaboli, for a customer, we created MyLaw.net which is Indiaa��s largest network for lawyers and legal professionals. It also includes an online university so lawyers can take online courses and give online exams. We have created a closed network for the employees of a Fortune 500 company. Air Jordan 4 Maglie Atlanta Hawks We run online networks for some of Indiaa��s leading business schools such as XLRI and Jamnalal Bajaj.

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    Jun 01

    Inspired by the Vodafone ‘Internet is Fun’ campaign, I realised I hadn’t written about my meandering on the web for a while. You can see some of my previous posts here. 2017 nike air max pas cher (Even one about the Vodafone zoozoos) Before that, on a serious note, its been over 5 years that I’ve been working in the internet business and I’m reminded of the statement from the Cluetrain Manifesto that has remained as inspiring and relevant as it was 5 years ago. “Hypertext is inherently nonhierarchical and antibureaucratic. Marcus Mariota – Oregon Ducks Jerseys It does not reinforce loyalty and obedience; it encourages idle speculation and loose talk. It encourages stories.” So here are some highlights of my browsing from the last few days. Kole Calhoun Jersey – You can always expect something fun from Ryan Germick, who’s a doodler in Google. Adidas Zx 850 Heren Adidas Pas Cher (I know! what a cool job!). nike pas cher Last week, he posted about the Zerg Rush game from Google. Asics Pas Cher Just type in zerg rush in Google and your screen will be attacked by flying O’s. Each O needs to be clicked on 3 times to destroy it. Remember to scroll down to save your world. mochilas kanken non prescription azelastine. nike air max 2017 dames wit mochilas fjallraven kanken baratas – I love Digitalbuzzblog. Here was a recent post about an ING promotion at basketball events. Passers by could use their smartphone to simulate a basketball free throw on a giant digital billboard screen. Asics Gel Lyte 5 Pas Cher Check out the video here – I’ve also recently started following Kevin Kelly. chaussures de foot umbro He’s been a TED speaker and is a technology philosopher. Nike air max 90 pas cher Often he does a curation of sourced quotes. See version 14 here. nike air max 90 pas cher Maglie Chicago Bulls asics gel lyte pas cher He’s due to come to India early May … new balance 577 femme I wonder how we can catch hold of him. Todd Gurley Georgia Football Jerseys Any ideas? – My friend and business partner in IDfy, Hatim came up with this useful site – http://isitadrydaytoday.com/ – check for your city and Ahmedabad for sure! – For those who love to hate maths (like me) – you’re bound to relate to this one. bestellen schoenen nike air max 2016 goedkoop nike air max pas cher Nike Kobe 11 – Finally, XKCD never fails to amuse. goedkoop nike air max I love their cartoons. Herschel Walker Jerseys Fjallraven Kanken Big Nike Italia How about this one and then keep hitting the random button for more… Kanken 20L Scarpe Kobe 11 ‘Internet is Fun’ is an understatement.

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    Aug 27

    “there is random and then there is vineet jawa” – Tarun Varma on Nov 22 from the top berth of a twelve hour delayed Sampark Kranti somewhere in the hinterland of Bihar. fjallraven kanken backpacks sale uk canadian prescription prices. On that note, here goes my eclectic collection of updates, musings and gyaan from ‘around the country’ and ‘around the web’ Around the country Decent trains I’m typing this post as we return from the XLRI annual alumni homecoming. Nick Marshall – Auburn Tigers Jerseys it’s been 1 year for Gaboli’s OneSchool at xl and the alumni tracking has gone from 1600 to about 5300 people in the last 12 months. the goal is to get it to 8000 as soon as possible and then focus more on alumni targeted services. sales pitch aside, the Jamshedpur campus has a way of getting me back into the blogging mode. the hospitality and personal touch of the students, faculty and staff on campus is truly heart warming. anyway, Naxalite driven 8 hour delay aside, this 2 tier AC compartment has a working plug point. thanks to my photon, I’m online and getting a decent workday on my laptop. nike air max chaussures vente check out the new age ‘toilet occuppied status gizmo’ in the train.

  • you gotta love the graphic.

    Startup Circuit after sometime away from the startup circuit, I got a chance to go to a Startup Saturday and the IMT Gaziabad fair (thanks to NH24, the journey time from south delhi has reduced by a good 45 mins. Fjallraven Kanken Big Tarun’s joke timing is impeccable. question: what was the elephant doing on the M1 (ref. UK). answer: about 10 miles an hour…har. har.). nike air max pas cher Both events gave a far better experience than barcamp. but I do have to say one common theme amongst all these events is that the vast majority of partners from the startup community (investors, associations etc) who put their logo on the banners and the website don’t even bother to show up. what kind of startup focused outfits miss out on the startup fairs and events? makes me wonder about the community. read on further for my sentiments on No Shows… ss – couple of cool things happened. for the first time an individual stood up and announced he’s interested in pitching 15 lakhs into education focused startup. Scarpe Kobe 11 in general, the feeling I get is the investors’ mood has really swung and the markets hot again. what do you do when stocks, gold and real estate are all near their respective all time highs. imt – a nice charming session by mahesh murthy. you can catch a nice segment of his talk below (i’m trying the ad free streaming from photo bucket). was also good to see our friend gaurav misra in action and get to hear about the startup struggle stories from ixigo & idiscoveri. nike air max pas cher the biggest reflection point was when one guy walked up and said, why are ‘you guys’ still at a startup fair – you’re not a startup anymore. Gaboli in Bangalore We’re expanding the technical staff for our development centre in Bangalore. References work really well for us so if you have a brother, sister.. nike air max 2016 heren neighbour who you think is an awesome web developer – do refer them across to us. air max 90 pas cher Nike Air Max TN Femme Around the Web Me, Myself and I – Egosurfing how many times have you googled your own name? how often do you do so? it’s almost like asking how often do you look in the mirror. the first page of google results is your relfection to the world. Soldes Asics 2017 anytime I hear about someone of interest (personally or professionally) I tend to google them or search for them on linkedin almost immediately.

  • Air Max 90 Donna Rosa
  • baskets running asics they used to say first impressions are made within the first 3 seconds of the meeting.. mochilas fjallraven kanken baratas Maglia Michael Jordan well now it’s probably more like the first 3 seconds of googling your name. I’m lucky enough to have a unique surname but then most people will get searched along with the name of their employer. that brings me to a beautiful new service – about.me. chaussures asics pas cher it’s from the the wordpress guys (automattic) and I really think just about every net savvy person should go and sign up. Adidas Yeezy 350 Heren if you’re name is Amit Agarwal, you’re probably not going to be able to get amitagarwal.com or any close variant. you might as well ride on the search optimised capabilities of platforms like about.me MyLaw.net Rainmaker launched MyLaw.net (Developed by Gaboli) and is already signing up thousands of people from the legal community. Cheap Nike shoes It’s a great platform with excellent content and will continuously provide targeted services for the community (jobs, online courses etc) I was also added to academia.edu – a network for academicians. I was impressed with the simplicity of user experience design. it manages to achieve great functionality without confusing. Goedkoop Air Max Nike New prediction/ Opportunity spotted we hired a girl who did a ‘No Show’. Pooja (name not changed) was in touch with us till 5 days before the start date discussing relocation and logistics and then she just disappeared – that’s a No Show. yup… it’s a word which wasn’t even in our dictionaries but now we hear that 30% of new hires in the IT industry just ‘don’t show up’ on their first day of work. they won’t take your calls, they’ll change their phone number and then one week later you’ll see where they eventually joined through their linkedin profile. I’m all for a name and shame approach here. or even a consortium where information about ‘no shows’ are shared amongst the industry players. asics femme pas cher maybe give people like Pooja a thing or two to think about before they just disappear.

  • if only she had called and said she had a better offer, would’ve saved us plenty of time and money. nike tn pas cher End Note: I lost and found my phone twice on this trip. sac fjallraven kanken the first time I was woken up at 3 a.m. by a lady who found the phone on the train floor next to my berth and so she woke me up and handed it to me. sweet (though slightly freaky). the second time it fell out of my pocket in the autorikshaw at 4 in the morning. 4:20 or so I realised it’s missing and we called the number. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Outlet Nike Max Shoes UK the auto driver answered – he was still next to the station.

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    Aug 19

    What’s been buzzing in the world of social networks? – Google Buzz: Well my class unanimously agreed that Google Buzz is late in the game but Google had no choice. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Nike Air Max 2017 Heren blauw Maglia LeBron James Nike Air Max 2016 Dames roze Joe Montana Jerseys Read Jeremiah’s take on this strategy and the impact on the stakeholder spectrum (facebook, twitter, SEO etc.). nike air max 2017 goedkoop no presription viagra pharmacy reviews. Nike Air Max Homme Personally, I agree with both but I’m intrigued about how this fits in with the story for Google Wave. Clay Matthews Packers Jerseys Jason Heyward Jersey mochilas fjallraven kanken oferta Social Gaming – A quick mention of ibibo. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames wit One of the largest desi social networks. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop nike air max 2017 pas cher air max pas cher nike air max 2017 dames grijs Recently they’ve launched a marketing blitz on ‘Why play akele? Play social games at ibibo’. Peyton Manning Jerseys Nike Air Max 1 Heren groen cheap air jordans uk Scarpe Adidas Y-3 Reminds me of a childhood PJ. fjallraven kanken mochilas asics femme What did the lonely banana say to the other banana. Air Jordan 8 Donna Chaussures Asics Femme Baskets Under Armour Pas CherI am a-kela“. Canotte Philadelphia 76ers Maglia John Wall But hats off to ibibo for the first strong positioning statement from an Indian social network. adidas Stan Smith Italia Gel Lyte Pas Cher Nike Roshe Run Homme Women Air Jordan 5 Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Desi Martini, Big Adda, Fropper, iTimes… Compra Zapatillas Asics Online nike air max 2016 online nike air max 2017 pas cher femme nike air max 1 ultra flyknit femme nike tn noir they’ve all tried bollywood masala and failed to make a dent into facebook and orkut market share – We all know Zynga (of Farmville and Mafia Wars fame). goedkoop nikes fjallraven kanken Well they’ve opened an office in Bangalore and that made front page news in all major dailies.(that’s a bit much!). Cheap Nike Trainers UK sneakers blanc Homme Asics Nike Air Max 2016 Heren zwart Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Zwart However our very own Rodinhood has lots to say about the space. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart New Balance Pas Chers NIKE AIR MAX Goedkoop Fjallraven Kanken mini Maglia Blake Griffin Joe Montana College Jerseys ASICS Gel Pulse 7 pour Femme (Side note: Rodinhood is by Alok Kejriwal of of c2w and g2w fame. Canotte OKC Thunder I met him way back in 1999 when I was still in college. Mens Nike Flyknit Maglia DeMar DeRozan FjA�llrA�ven KA?nken He treated us to a nice breakfast and was beaming proud of running one of the few dot coms to survive the crash. Indiana Pacers air max pas cher nike air max 2016 goedkoop Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Kids I guess he realised the B2B mantra way before the rest of the online junta) Love is in the air For some reason I added ‘Love’ in the title of this blog. Goedkoop Nike Air Max With V day last week, I guess I have to give it due share of importance. Buty Nike Damskie nike air max homme pas cher Boutique Nike Chaussures Asics Femme Check out this winner ad from Google. sac a dos kanken fjallraven Maglia LeBron James (and yes…

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  • Nike Air Max 2017 Dames groen I couldn’t resist the pink and red border) Paying the Price of working in India Paypal got suspended in India. new balance 993 outlet Nike Heren nike air max 180 chaussures fjallraven kanken espaA�a Adrian Gonzalez Jersey That’s huge. Compra Mochilas Kanken Baratas Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Kids Reserve Bank of India – would you have done that to an ‘offline’ player like ICICI? Is your brand listening? Real time feedback is the single largest lesson for brand positioning on the internet. nike air max 2016 grijs nike air max 2017 dames Blauw nike air max 2016 kopen new balance 996 homme bordeaux I was pleasantly surprised with NEO Sports recently. Air Jordan 11 Uomo nike pas cher Nike Internationalist Baratas zonnebril ray ban heren solde adidas Chaussures Nike Pas Cher Have a look at this twitter conversation and how quickly you can win back trust just by acknowledging the customer respectfully. nike air force 1 low hombre Scarpe Nike Adidas Zx 850 Heren (Read bottom to top) @ameyamhatre thnkfully, they’ve acknowledged my protests. adidas nmd schoenen Goedkoop Nike Schoenen 2017 fjallraven kanken sale let see how they mend their ways. Thats prompt,thanks!RT @NEO_Cricket: @nareshb all your points have been noted and ll be fwded to the concerned person.

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    Jun 23

    It’s been a while since I blogged – which is good news I guess, as my blogging activity level is inversely proportionate to the activity levels at Gaboli. Looking back at the last 60 days there’ve been many experiments… Rechargeitnow.com Sitting in a campus in Jamshedpur away from the city, I suddenly needed to re-charge/ top-up the pre-pay balance on my phone. I was hesitant to do it on just any random site but I did use rechargeitnow.com and it worked very smooth. Got Rs. Soldes Nike Pas Cher 444 on my airtel in 2-3 minutes.. Matt Holliday Jersey Competition My emarketing classes ended with a competition between two groups of about 20 people each. Nike Air Max 2016 Norge Nettbutikk The basic brief was that each section had to create a website that was (a) free and (b) would support analytics. In 3 weeks time the groups had to maximise the number of unique visitors on their site. With the usual ‘free’ tools at hand – word of mouth, email marketing, seo, social media… both teams had around 1400-1500 unique visitors by the end of the competition. As expected SEO had no effect in such a short timeframe. It was mainly email, social media and word of mouth which led to these visitors. This was expected for any ‘web startup’ with initial traffic from friends and family. One new tool that I discovered through one team was an email address generating tool. nike tn You type in a keyword and the tool crawls the web to find email addresses linked to that topic. I don’t know how relevant or effective it was – but it explained how spamming was so easy these days. More interesting to note was the dynamics amongst the groups. tn nike pas cher In the final semester, very few people were motivated to put in too much effort as most people were also looking for jobs. air max 2017 goedkoop Team leaders had very little influence on the teams and communication often broke down. As with most projects in life, it’s more about the people involved than the task at hand. This leads to the more complex issue – on the web, how do you jump to that next level and get into that ‘growth’ stage. It’s also an interesting challenge which I’ve been discussiing with Anshul who’s been running youthkiawaaz.com. A journalist driven blogging site with well written content focused on youth in India. Hiring Interns in a startup We’re experimenting with interns this summer. Mostly, summer interns for marketing, delivery management etc. One fell sick with jaundice and the others are yet to join… many people advise that it’s probably not worth the effort. Keen to see what our experience will be by August. Technology Using a CMS plugin to solve IE6 compatability issues – bad decision. Browser compatability continues to torment most of the web development world. In a country like India, you can’t ignore IE6 and recently safari has started becoming significant enough to warrant attention. The other consistent complaint across all online marketing projects is the ever widening gap between ‘clicks’ and ‘visits’. Analytics reveal only 50% of the paid traffic from adwords and facebook actually turn into ‘visits’. The reasons provided for this are not really sufficient in my mind. They say visits are not recorded for people that have javascript disabled. kobe 11 pas cher If that were the case then on average most CMS features would not load for 50% of the people – and that’s not consistent with the recorded bounce rate. Affiliate networks have long complained that India is not suited for the ‘click’ model anyway… One way around this is to get into a ‘cost per lead’ model – but then the quality of the leads become truly doubtful. Sanitiser update: Godrej did a free sample sachet sample for Protekt – their hand sanitiser brand. Rs. 2 for the sachet. NMD Adidas Dames beige buy cialis one a day 133. The radio is full of ads for this product as well.

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    Aug 26

    Got a first taste of the startup scene in Delhi at bcd7. New Balance 997.5 mujer

  • ADIDAS ZX 750
  • Geno Smith College Jerseys soldes nike 2017 kanken fjallraven Nike Air Max Goedkoop My brother recommended the event and it turned out to be a pretty good Sunday. Under Armour Curry One Pas Cher Maglia John Wall nike tn noir Free breakfast, Free lunch .. New Balance 996 hombre fjallraven kanken Nike Air Max 2017 Heren groen nike air max 2016 grijs nike tn homme Free T Shirt – you can’t go wrong! For the tweeters/ twitterers(#bcd7) Overall, I was impressed. Fjallraven Kanken Mini Nike Air Max Dames Goedkoop sac fjallraven pas cher Adidas Superstar Dames The host – International Management Insitute. The host B. Tennis Nike Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw Air Jordan 7 Donna stan smith adidas dames Goedkope Nike Air Max 1 school IMI was impressive and the entrepreurship club (Ecell) seems very progressive. Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys nike tn pas cher 2017 nike air max pas cher They have been doing live projects with startups (next one in November).

  • Femmes Air Jordan 13
  • nike air max pas cher Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Femme Jake Arrieta Authentic Jersey Fjallraven Kanken Infantil There’s a John Mullens seminar coming up.

  • nike air huarache dames rood
  • Maglia John Wall nike air max 90 homme pas cher adidas shoes uk Top that with barcamp and I give them full marks. borsello adidas uomo prezzo Solde adidas zx flux Air Jordan Goedkoop air max 1 femme nike air max 2017 pas cher femme Nike Air Max Flyknit Dames My 3 favourite startups – phokatcopy, videotap and imo

    1. Phokatcopy – A startup is as good or bad as the founding team. Air Max 2017 Dames zwart hollister pas cher cheap adidas uk Nike Air Max 2016 Schoenen The ideas will change, the model will get modified – so it’s basically what the people are like. baskets noires Asics Lyte Jogger adidas neo 10k mA�skie Mochilas Kanken Infantil sac a dos fjallraven nike pas cher That’s where I believe that Harsh Narang has what it takes to make this a good business. Scarpe Nike nike tn femme asics femme goedkoop nike air max 2016 nike air max 2017 dames Los Angeles Angels Jerseys The company essentially provides free paper (good quality, non-wood based) to the photocopy wallahs at the colleges. Womens Air Jordan 3
    2. AIR MAX 2016
    3. kopen nike air max 2017 billig nike air norge Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys The paper has ads on one side and they are meant to use the back side to copy.

    5. adidas nmd mA�skie Under Armour Ua Curry 3 If the student spends Rs. buy primatene mist inhaler canada. Maglie Oklahoma City Thunder New Balance 990 mujer goedkoop nike air max 2016 nike blazer pas cher nike air max 90 pas cher Madison Bumgarner Jersey Mochilas Kanken Infantil 20 or more on phokat copy, he/she can re-deem that money through mobile talk time, ice creams, clothes etc. nike air max 90 uomo nike roshe run mesh Marqise Lee College Jerseys Every 100th phokatcopy user wins an ipod. new balance grigie bambino asics gel lyte 5 hombre beige NMD Adidas Dames air max 2017 goedkoop asics homme Fjallraven Kanken Sale Classic air max 90 pas cher The advertising medium is novel – repeat viewing for same ad – extremely targeted for the segment. nike air max 2015 indonesia Clayton Kershaw Jersey Nike Pas Cher nike air max nettbutikk Every player in the game is incentivised.

    6. Voicetap– The basic premise here is that they provide access to experts for any and every subject. Ray Lewis Ravens Jerseys Adidas Zx 500 Heren nike air max pas cher nike air max 2017 femme Houston Rockets So in case you’re not getting any joy from google or you’d rather talk to a person then all you have to do is add getafixx@voicetap.in to your gmail contacts and say ‘hi’ in the chat window. Maglie Minnesota Timberwolves nike air max 2017 dames wit nike air max 1 pas cher Young dynamic team. new balance uomo misure
    8. scarpe adidas italia Scarpe Adidas Y-3 Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Classic Look out for a new site and launch in Jan. Maglia Tracy McGrady Nike 2017 Pas Cher Air Jordan 11 (XI) mochilas kanken mini They’ve got a phone based model as well. Amari Cooper Alabama Football Jerseys goedkope nike air max schoenen Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Their revenue model is based on payments from corporates for the branding they get out of promoting their experts.

    9. Imo – Out of 50 finalists at TC50, there were about 48 from US and these guys were the only ones from India. nike pas cher Air Jordan 6 Asics Homme Pas Cher Nike Air Max 2016 Dames The company has made an iphone app which can then use the phone like a joystick or mouse for PC games. nike air max pas cher nike air max 1 hombre Chaussure Adidas Nike Air Max 1 Femme Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Femme The future versions aim to make it as good as the wii experience for any PC game. Fjallraven Kanken 7L The went on to win the best presentation at TC50.
    10. Nike Air Force 1 Women
    11. air max 2017 rosso uomo
    12. Scarpe Air Jordan Adidas Zx 800 Heren nike air max 2017 zwart nike air max 2016 online air max 2017 heren Watch the video on the site – it’s pretty funny!

    While some people were asking ‘What’s TC 50?’, for me this company is the hottest thing in India right now.

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    Aug 26

    Hello folks (plural is optimistic, given that the analytics predict all of 0.23 of a person reading this post today) As the London summer sun’s been kind the last week, I’ve been doing my own wandering around and thought I’d share some bits: Two new startups that I like

    News from the week

    • alootechiegames2win getting 13mn visitors a month
    • alootechiekomli says CTR is not effective measure for success of online marketing (surprise surprise)
    • Google blog – Adsense for mobile launched..
    • Tech Crunch – iporn is finally here with iphone 3.0 (maybe now my SEO will kick in and this blog will get more hits!)

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    Aug 21

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    Aug 12

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