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In infants under 1 yearhydrocortisone 1only and remember the nappy can increase the penetration of the drugIn childrenuse the mildest product possibleWhen treating the faceuse only mild products and for the shortest time possibleWhen using around the eyes as glaucoma and cataracts can be caused by steroids getting into the eye In psoriasisthis is best treated under a specialist In covered areas as the warm moist conditions may encourage bacteria to growclean the skin well before applying When using in the flexurese.gbehind the kneeinside the elbowor skin foldse.gunder the breastsaround the groin areabetween the toespenetration can be increased in these areas Large amounts should not be used in pregnancy.

Hydrocortisone 1BK with HCCortaidEgocortHC45LanacortSkincalmApply three to four times daily.

Initially I was fair enoughDue course of time my skin colour changed into dark brownAm using betnovate-c and also weekly once aloevera but there is no resultSo please suggest me to get my fairness back.

When it comes to treatment of phimosisthere are several ways to goIn the earliest stagesthere is often await and seeapproachDuring this timea man can try numerous types of manual stretching to see if the problem resolves on its ownThis stretching is quite similar to masturbationas a man simply works to move the foreskin up and downgradually opening it up a bit more to allow for it to retractHoweverin extremely tight cases this might not work.

An ointment base is greasier than a creamand is recommended for drier areaswhile a cream may be more suitable if the problem area is weepingoozingA lotion is recommended for especially hairy areas.

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