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howard gardnerI had the privilege of attending a lecture by Howard Gardner aka the Father of Multiple Intelligences. We were a couple of thousand people in Talkatora Stadium. With ticket prices upto Rs. 5000, I couldn’t help but think this guy’s certainly getting a rockstar reception. After his lecture, he re-affirmed my theory – he’s definitely a rockstar. Canotte Seattle SuperSonics (side note: Indians tend to pronounce Howard the same as they pronounce Harvard.

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  • This led to a series of Howard & Harvard jokes. But underlying this, is one of my favourite pet peeves – pronouncing w as v and vice versa.. asics gel noosa donna so people say “vill you get some vater from the willage vell. that light my surname should be spelt ‘Java’ instead of ‘Jawa’ ) The lecture was on Multiple Intelligence and Child Centred Education. For those not familiar with the subject – Wiki has a summary here. He spoke at length about pluralisation. nike air max 2017 femme noir He said’ “Pluralisation simply means – deciding what’s important and teaching it in many different ways”. Another great insight was his consideration of adding two new intelligences – existential itelligence and pedagogical intelligence to the list of 8 proposed earlier. To understand MI, he mentioned there are two important points to keep in mind:

    • Important point number 1: MI is not an educational end. It is most useful as an educational means to a publicly stated goal. Some of these goals could be – Disciplinary understanding, scientific-technological prowess, democratic society, economic competitiveness etc.
    • Important point number 2: You can not legitimately go from scientific finding to an educational recommendation – any scientific claim (including MI theory) has a large number of implications, even ones that are inconsistent with one another.

    What I enjoyed most was his section on misunderstandings around the MI theory Myth 1: Intelligence is the same as a sensory system. Reality 1: Intelligences are like our computers that operate independent of which sensory system is used. air max pas cher pour femme For e.g. Maglie Indiana Pacers linguistic intelligence can operate on auditory, visual or tactile information. Don’t speak about ‘visual’ or ‘auditory’ intelligence. Myth 2: Intelligence is the same as a ‘learning style’ or a ‘working style’. Reality 2: A style implies an approach that applies equally to all contents. Nike Air Max pas chers This may or may not obtain across multiple intelligences or domains; this matter needs to be established by empirical study. Myth 3: An intelligence is the same as a domain or discipline. Reality 3: Any domain / discpline involves multiple intelligences and any intelligence can be applied to multiple domains/ discplines. for e.g. there maybe a difference in someone’s musical performance vs. Adidas NMD Dames Tennis Nike his/her musical intelligence. Myth 4: There is an official, approved MI approach to education and to schools Reality 4: MI theory is certainly relevant to education and it calls for attention to individual intellectual profiles. New Balance Polska However, a whole variety of educational approaches can follow from MI theory and there no official ‘MI’ or ‘Gardner’ schools Myth 5: Intelligences are God-given talents that can’t be changed. Reality 5: Even though they have a heritable component, but they are quite flexible and their development is strongly dependent on adequate resources, including effective modeling and teaching. Nike Free Rn Flyknit Dames As I had heard, Howard came across as very humble. nike air max 2017 femme rouge While his academic pursuits are amoral in nature, he spent a while talking about the need to be ‘good’. He cited examples of Gandhi, Martin Luthar King Jr., Mandela etc and ended with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote ‘Character is higher than intellect’. Towards the end of the lecture, he spoke of the power of digital media to promote experiential learning (Donfoss Universe , Arizona small lab). Nike Air Foamposite He also spoke about the MIT scratch app. nike air max 2017 femme The Q&A session was interesting and one question was quite pertinent to the subcontinent.

  • Should we be focusing on making our children bi-lingual/ multi-lingual. Nike Air Max 1 Heren zwart In his simple way, he said, “you can definitely teach kids to be bi-lingual, but it will probably be at the cost of other subjects such as arts, geography etc.”. The point resonated with the teachers in the audience and he got a prompt applause for that one. He had a couple of parenting tips, which I thought were wise:

    1. Children never listen to what you say, but invariably notice what you do
    2. Nothing said at a dinner table is ever forgotten.

    The lecture brought about a couple of thoughts in my mind with respect to Gaboli. Gaboli is venturing in content development and is closely looking at the opportunity around vernacular based, localised content. nike air max heren The big questions to be answered are:

    1. How do you balance the necessity of bi-lingual education in India with covering adeuquate ground in other subjects?
    2. How can interactive, digital media drive the ‘pluralisation’ approach without being restricted to glorified flash cards?

    Food for thought from the rockstar.

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