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Just noticed the video from my speech at i5 talks is now up – you can find it here. brand named viagra for sale online.

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Aug 02

Here are the notes I wrote for my speech for the Tech Mahindra/ Mahindra Satyam i5 talks. You can view the video of the talk on this page here.

It’s a pleasure to be here today nearly three years after I left TechM.

I joined Mahindra British Telecom in May 2005 after completing my MBA from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad as part of the first GLC batch. I joined the Sharda centre office on Karve road. For those of familiar with that office, there was a restaurant called Swami just across the road and my flat was in the apartment complex just behind Swami. And…my seat used to be in the section adjacent to the reception. So, my claim to fame in that office was that it used to take me less than 2 minutes from my bed to my desk. That was a good life.

At that point, the company was about 4000 people and I had the privilege of working closely with the top management and experience entrepreneurship first hand. In 4 years the company underwent a name change, went public and grew from 4000 people to 25000 people. nike air max 90 pas cher Of course, it has recently also built this wonderful campus which I’m visiting for the first time. I feel proud that I too made a tiny contribution towards this fantastic company.

I was given the opportunity to join the account management team in London managing the Portal related business with BT. It was called the collaboration platform. That was the beginning of my love affair with anything to do with the web. I left Tech Mahindra to start a company focused on web technology. Maglie Chicago Bulls The company is called Gaboli and it offers web solutions for education and corporate customers.

I must start on topic by saying that the contents of my talk today are crowdsourced from facebook. nike goedkoop online I put up a status update on the topic and get about 10 ideas from people in my circle. Today I wish to talk about the evolution of social networks and what the future of social networks will look like.

Let’s start by looking at the history of the net. I will then later speak about what I find interesting about social networks and finally I would like to leave you with one idea as food for thought.

– People say the earliest form of the internet can be traced back to MIT in 1962 with new research on packet switching as opposed to circuit switching. By the late 60s they had designed the specifications for ARPANET with speeds of around 2.4 kbps

– By the 1970s, the community was imagining connected federated networks and started developing protocols such as TCP and later Domain Name System or DNS as we know it.

– By the early 90s, Tim Berners Lee was leading MIT’s effort towards creating the World Wide Web and hence is known as the father of the world wide web.

– Gradually with Hypertext protocols and HTML, it was possible for GUI Browsers to be launched and Netscape was one of the earliest browsers.

Now. Around 2003-04 is when the term web 2.0 came into fashion.

  • What was web 2.0 and how was it different from web 1.0. Simply put, the web was mostly a store of information till then.

    But web 2.0 brought about a new level of interaction and transaction online. Consumers turned into Producers of content. e.g. Wikipedia, Youtube. Open APIs and XML helped websites talk to each other like never before. e.g.

  • Pizza hut could easily mark all the pizza outlets on a google map. File sharing became easier through P2P networks and media streaming took advantage of the faster speeds. VOIP became mainstream. nike tn noir Online payments became more common fueling ecommerce.

    Since around the same time, social networks have seen explosive adoption around the world. Now let me ask you guys some questions now:

    – How many of you ever signed up on Orkut?

    – How many of you still use Orkut?

    How many examples of products that you can think of where in one country you get 15 million users in about 1 year and then lose most of them the next year!

    – How many of you have a facebook account?

    To give you some idea of statistics

    – It generates nearly 1000 billion pageviews per month

    – Half of facebook users login everyday… thats means at any point of time there is probably 300 million people on facebook.

    – I have heard (dona��t quote me on this) that according to statistics, men spend most of their time looking through photos of women they don’t know. Maybe these are friends of friends. Men will be men! Can you guess what women do? Women spend most of their time looking through photos of other women they do know!

    – What about facebook apps. Zynga is now on the top gaming companies in the world based on their popular games, farmville, mafia wars, etc. Do you know there are more farmville players than the total number of twitter users.

    Do you know how Google makes money? The search is free, email is free, browsers free, maps are free… so how does it make money? You might have noticed sponsored links on the right column while using google. Each of these advertisers pay Google a small amount of money anytime a user clicks on their ad. Adidas NMD Heren In other words, there is a cost per click. This could be as low as Rs. 2 or as high as Rs. Solde Adidas 100 per click.

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  • With about $30 billion dollars, you can imagine the number of advertisers and the number of clicks!

    Facebook followed a similar model and now many people say that facebook may overtake Google in advertising revenue one day. That brings us to Google+.

    Google+. About a year ago, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmit resigned. asics gel kinsei 4 cena Larry Page took over as CEO and the first step he took was to link the whole company’s bonus to the performance in social.

    How many of you signed up for Google+? Very interestingly, you had to sign up for Google+ .. nike roshe run mesh you didn’t get it normally as you got google buzz in your gmail inbox.. why?

    As part of signing up for Google+, they asked two three questions – they asked are you Mr./ Ms./ Mrs., they asked your date of birth and they asked your city. This was possibly the most important step of all… why?

    When you’re an advertiser, you want to reach your specific audience. For e.g. Ray Ban pas cher Maruti target audience for alto is men between 25 and 35 in urban cities in India. fjallraven kanken pas cher Facebook had this information for each of its members as you gave that information when you signed up. However, Google never had access to the personal demographic information for its search users. That is why, advertisers started feeling that they were getting a better return on the advertising through facebook compared to Google. That is why Google+ is critical to their strategy.

    Finally, on the evolution of social networks a�� it is now the age of verticalised networks or contextual networks. You might have noticed, your facebook a/c has connected you to your college friends, family and colleagues at work. Every time your college friend uploads an embarrassing picture, you think what would my colleagues think? Or, when you friend sends a dirty joke on your wall a�� you think what will my family think?

    There is a need for separate networks for different aspects of your lives and that is one of the main philosophies behind my company, Gaboli. adidas zx 700 femme bordeaux Garrett Richards Baseball Jersey Those of us in web development know the importance of online forums and communities when it comes to resolving issues related to open source.

    In Gaboli, for a customer, we created which is Indiaa��s largest network for lawyers and legal professionals. It also includes an online university so lawyers can take online courses and give online exams. We have created a closed network for the employees of a Fortune 500 company. Air Jordan 4 Maglie Atlanta Hawks We run online networks for some of Indiaa��s leading business schools such as XLRI and Jamnalal Bajaj.

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    Courtesy Aditya ‘Dean’ Dikshit and Rajat Maaker, I’ve found the inspiration to overcome inertia and come back to my blog. nike air max pas cher chaussures nike Fjallraven Kanken NO.2 UK Rajat says I need to write down my predictions so that one day I can say ‘I told you so’. goedkoop nike air max air max soldes But the tipping factor on this lazy, second saturday of the month, afternoon was the movie ‘The Crupier’. soldes air max 1 Jered Weaver Jersey It’s about a writer who gets a job with a casino – takes part in a robbery scheme but still manages to place his bets well enough to pull it off. Cheap Nike Shoes Outlet UK So here’s my piece today on taking bets in life or more specifically – in business. Canotte Denver Nuggets nike air max 1 pas cher Asics Pas Cher Latest Opportunity Obsession: To make a short story long, during our visit to the US in September, I noticed the prevelance of hand sanitiser gel dispensers in almost every public facility – airports, hotels, public bathrooms, lounges, corporte offices etc. nike air max 1 pas cher Fjallraven Kanken Big Maglie Detroit Pistons air max pas cher etc. nike air max 2017 femme blanche cheap fjallraven kanken Nike Free Rn Flyknit Donna Not to forget, the small travel size bottles in almost every lady’s purse. Clayton Kershaw Authentic Jersey kamagra now co uk index. Then you think about the convenience factor and that once someone starts using it, it’s hard to stop. New Balance Pas Cher Peyton Manning Tennessee Football Jerseys Adidas Superstar Heren grijs Nike Air Max 1 Femme Pat Sullivan – Auburn Tigers Jerseys Think about the scare factor – Mothers concerned for their kids. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw cheap air jordans free shipping Under Armour Shoes Lifebuoy soap sales are up 30-40% since they linked their advertisements to prevention of H1N1. Nike Roshe Run Heren Garrett Richards Jersey Swines… Now in India, within the last 45 days I’ve seen 3 new big brands entering in the space and the radio in Pune and Bangalore (at least) are constantly playing ads. Maglia Larry Bird Adidas NMD Heren However, the market is huge and still in the nascent to growth stage.

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  • Canotta Dallas Mavericks nike air max 2016 goedkoop fjA�llrA�ven kA?nken Laptop 13 Plenty of bucks to be made. Canotte Basket

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  • 3 years from now, I could be eating sour humble pie ..

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